Jorinde Beijerling (NL, 1989).
Based in Amsterdam & The Hague.

As a photographer, I am intrigued by the possibilities that installations and different publication forms offer. For my works, I combine my own photographs, found footage and other materials.

Why do things look a certain way? I explore the meaning of aesthetics and context of our world. I invite the viewer to become aware of their surroundings. To take another look at daily life and find interesting stories there.


2014: Bachelor of Design, Photography, Utrecht Academy of Fine Arts (HKU).
2012: Internship with Sarah Carlier.
2012: Internship with Laurence Aëgerter.


Art Capital | Broedplaats Plaatsmakerij
Raamvertelling | Bellamy Kabinet group show

BBB | Bellamy Buurt Festival
Living-rooms | Dutch Design Week
Summershow Amsterdam Noord | Galerie Nieuw Dakota

Re-visit | De Parkgraaf (permanent installation)
Living-rooms | Kunstlijn Haarlem
Living-rooms | Dutch Design Week
Reframe Memory | Athens Photo Festival, Benaki Museum
Parc des Ateliers | Rencontres d’Arles
Nominees Unseen Dummy Award | Photo Festival Belfast
Kees Scherer Prijs | Photo Festival Naarden
Fotoboek! | Nutshuis

Chambres des Schie | Photo Festival Schiedam (permanent installation)
Galerie Emmy Miltenburg
Nominees Unseen Dummy Award | Unseen Photo Fair
.Unst Magazine Show
Photography Department | HKU Graduation Show

Augustus: Oklahoma | Stadsschouwburg Utrecht
Ernst & Young The Hague
DOEK Festival

Assignments & Nominations:

2015: K.F. Hein Fund Art Participation Assignment.
Yearly assignment, instigated to allow a recently HKU- graduated artist to make new work and to involve the clients of a social institution with an art project. This leads to an art work that stays in the institution permanently. See ‘(re-)visit’

2014: ‘Hier was ik’ / ‘Then Me Now’ nominated for the Unseen Dummy Award


Photographs published in:

NRC Handelsblad, De Volkskrant, .Unst, Mt. Figure, BLIK, CJP Magazine

Publications (self-published):

2016: ‘re-visit’, project publication
2014: ‘Hier was ik’, artist book
2013: ‘Zeehaas’, zine for photography & literature. I.c.w. Rosan Dekker

Related work experience (part-time or freelance):

2014-now: Communications for Stichting Haags Kinderatelier. Photography, editorial content and general communications with press, and customers in the cultural and educational field

2018: Design historical photo exhibition ‘Joodsche School nr. 14’, Stichting Buurtwerkplaatsen

2016: Artist Talk at ‘De Mus’, Parool Theater Amsterdam

2015-2016: Member of artist platform living-rooms

2015: Workshop ‘Noord toen en nu’. During exhibition ‘100 jaar volkshuisvesting in Amsterdam Noord’ in Museum Amsterdam Noord

2012: Contribution to ‘Handboek voor Hedendaagse Hofjes’ (2014). Publication on a historic type of social housing. In cooperation with inhabitants of ‘hofjes’ in Amsterdam; while interning at Sarah Carlier. See ‘Handboek voor Hedendaagse Hofjes’

2009-2010: Editorial internship, and later art reviews for CJP Magazine and CJP/De Volkskrant

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Phone: +31634901240.
Instagram: @jorindebeijerling.