Re-visit is a permanent photo installation in a rehabilitation centre. It consists of ‘views’ on semi-transparent curtains. Inspired by recovering patients’ hopes for the future.

Installation in rehabilitation centre, 138-256 x 130-370 cm.

Re-visit in Contact Magazine:

“A view, literally and figuratively. This permanent artwork in De Parkgraaf consists of four transparent curtains with photo print, hanging in various spaces throughout the building. When the curtains are closed, the image is revealed.

The work is inspired by talks between the artist and patients: “what do you hope to do again, when recovered?” The answers have been translated to a literal and figurative ‘view’.

Like when you ponder about re-visiting a place while looking at a photo, Beijerling framed the patients’ wishes. The installation encourages talks on what patients will undertake after recovery.”

Project made possible with the kind support of K.F. Hein Fund Art Participation Assignment and AxionContinu. The assignment is given to a young artist yearly, shortly after graduation from HKU. The goal is to allow the artist to make new work and to involve the clients of a social institution with an art project. This leads to an artwork that stays in the institution permanently.


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