Display pt II – Windows by Chance


Display – Windows by Chance reflects on the personal window display of inhabitants of Amsterdam’s Bellamybuurt neighbourhood.

Just like in Display pt.1, the context in which – in this case personal – items are shown heavily influences the way one looks at them. In the imagination of the passer-by, objects near the window become props in a story about the inhabitants and their lives.

Beijerling collected images and stories in her walks through the Bellamybuurt. These inspired the photographer to create and capture mysterious personal window scenes in her studio.

The  images and video were presented life size in the streets of the Bellamybuurt. Passers-by are invited to ask themselves what they are looking at, share stories with each other.

Site-specific installation in public space.  Two light boxes made out of photo prints on vinyl, lights, street windows; one life size stop-motion video on tv, lights and curtains in window. Exhibition view: Display in the windows of arts’ platform Bellamy Kabinet.

Display – Windows By Chance was kindly supported by Bellamy Kabinet and donors from Voordekunst.

The exhibition shots show the life size video and two light boxed prints installed in the windows of Bellamy Kabinet. The project was part of a group show called ‘Raamvertelling’, reflecting on the different meanings a window can have for its owners and for passers-by.

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